Two Strategies for Building Community: Be Local, Be Flexible

Having strong community roots can motivate employees and build a positive reputation for your company. How do you develop those roots? Leaders at Fresno First Bank say it takes two strategies: be local, be flexible. They explain how in this short video.

How to use this video:  Watch this video with your senior leadership team, then use the questions below to launch a discussion on your own approach to community.

Discussion Guide

Fresno First Bank makes an impact on their community by keeping their focus local, and finding flexible solutions to the challenges their neighbors face. With that in mind, discuss these questions with your senior leadership team.

  • How community-focused is your company? In what ways do you actively engage with the community. Brainstorm a list. What are the positive results of these interactions?
  • What companies in your city have a strong reputation for community engagement? How have they earned this reputation? Does it make a difference in the interactions you have with the company’s leaders and team members?
  • Fresno First Bank’s leaders would argue that their community roots lead them to work toward solutions that can help the businesses in their neighborhood. In other words, being local makes them more flexible as a company. Do community roots lead to flexible leadership in your organization? Why or why not?
  • Often companies do have strong community roots and points of engagement, but that message isn’t communicated to the workforce. This is a missed opportunity, as employees may feel more engaged in a company that engages in their community. How would you rate your own communication plan? Where are there opportunities for improvement?


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