Three Proven Steps to Building Customer Loyalty

In most businesses, customer loyalty is fundamental to long-term growth. So how do you build strong relationships with customers? CEO Jim Horan of Blue Plate Catering has created a team of experts on this topic. In this short video, they share their top three tips for building customer loyalty.

Watch this video with your senior leadership team, then use the questions below to launch a discussion on your company’s customer loyalty levels.   

Discussion Guide

Blue Plate’s team offers three tips for building long-term customer loyalty:

  1. Know your customer’s hot buttons, and give them more than they contract for.
  2. Minimize surprises and provide a consistent, honest product.
  3. Make it about the relationship, not just the product.

With this in mind, discuss the video with your team:

  • Think of a time when a company gave you a little more than you expected. How did you feel about the experience of getting a little extra? How does your company deliver extras?
  • Consistency is important for solid customer loyalty. Do your customers have a consistent contact with your company? Do you have consistently reliable products and services? Where do inconsistencies exist, and how can you fix them?
  • Ask your leaders to share a time when someone from their team has built a relationship with a customer. How did they do it? What were the results? How can these positive efforts be highlighted within the company?

Take the Customer Loyalty Challenge

Want to get a fast picture of your company’s current level of loyalty? Metrics are useful, but to really understand their meaning you need to talk with customers. Randomly identify five customers, taking care to select customers of varying loyalty and investment in the company. Over the next week, call one customer per day and ask them about their experiences. Bring your findings back to your next executive team meeting. And share what you’ve learned with us by leaving a message below.

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