Make Your Boss Work for You: How One Company’s Fierce Commitment to Personal, Professional, and Financial Goals Drives Corporate Success

How do you give team members a sense of ownership in the company, so they work harder, perform better, and reach goals? Make it clear how their performance at work directly impacts their personal financial goals.

At Service Express, a national firm providing data-center maintenance, senior leaders believe their number one objective is to help team members reach their personal goals. “That’s what drives us,” says Ron Alvesteffer, president of the quickly growing company.

Learn how they do it in this short video, part of the Return on Values (ROV) research project.

Watch this video with your senior leadership team, then use the questions below to launch a discussion on your own ways of motivating colleagues within your culture. 

Discussion Guide

Service Express team members have the opportunity to “make your boss work for you,” by sharing their personal and financial goals. Leaders then help develop their team members to reach these goals over the short- and long-term. This drive toward personal goals has a strong benefit for the company: team members are motivated to improve their performance and achieve more because they see the direct impact in their own personal lives.

With this in mind, discuss the following questions with your leadership team:

  • Discuss the concept of involving leaders directly in the personal and financial goals of their team members. What is attractive about this concept? Does anything alarm you? What potential does it hold for your company?
  • What motivates your team members to reach goals and improve performance? Have you been intentional in inspiring improvement?
  • Do your team members understand the relationship between their performance, the company’s success, and their personal or financial goals? How strong is that relationship? Could you take steps to directly or indirectly tie performance to personal goals?
  • Leaders at SEI have made this objective – to help their team members reach personal and financial goals – their top priority. As a result, team members feel a sense of ownership in the company and believe their leaders to be people-focused. Regardless of what you think about this approach to motivation, how can you give your employees a greater sense of ownership? How can you demonstrate your personal commitment to being people-focused?

Share your stories: How do you motivate employees and drive success? Share your stories below.

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