Bring Your Self to Work: How Embracing Individuality Builds Trust & Drives Results

“Coming to work here was like being able to breathe for the first time,” said one New Belgium employee. The company embraces individuality and encourages employees to be themselves; the result is a financially successful workplace with a culture that abounds in trust and diversity.

How to use this video:  Watch this video with your senior leadership team, then use the questions below to launch a discussion on how you can inspire passion in your workforce. 

Discussion Guide:

New Belgium’s leaders have put systems and processes in place that communicate immediate trust, with room for employee individuality. Consider this and reflect on your own company as you discuss the questions below.

  • First, take a minute to consider expressions of individuality within your own company: do employees feel free to be themselves? What evidence do you have of this? Do you free to express your own personality at work?
  • Make a list of the systems and processes that govern the expression of personality within your company. This could include formal policies such as dress codes, but could also include informal factors such as the example set by senior leaders. Are these systems and processes necessary? How do they positively contribute to your company’s success?
  • Does your company measure trust? If you do, reflect on your latest survey results. If you do not, how would you informally rate the levels of trust within your organization?
  • What team members can you count on to give you an honest assessment of circumstances, even if the news is unfavorable? Consider asking these individuals to share their thoughts on the level of trust within your organization.
  • New Belgium’s high trust approach carries with it the expectation of high involvement. Leaders make decisions by actively seeking out the opinions of others. How does your organization perform on this measure? What processes, formal or informal, do you use to engage others in decision making? When you’ve done this well, what has been the outcome?

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