98%: How One Company Has Mastered Exceptional Customer Service

Ron Alvesteffer, president of data center maintenance firm Service Express, says his company’s  culture can be summarized in one word: service. It’s no surprise, then, that the company has earned a 98 percent customer retention rate, remarkable for any industry.

Learn how they do it in this short video, part of the Return on Values project.

How to use this video:  Watch this video with your senior leadership team, then use the questions below to launch a discussion on your customer satisfaction and loyalty scores.   

Discussion Guide

Service Express earns their customer retention rate by hiring and promoting leaders who are “wired for service.” This disposition is modeled in the C-Suite, as we heard in the video above. With this in mind, discuss the following questions with your leadership team:

  • First, assess your own organization. What are your customer retention rates? Does it vary across organizational division? If so, what factors contribute to this fluctuation? Has it changed over time? Why?
  • Take a look at the team members who interact most directly with your clients. Are they “wired for service?” How do you hire for this trait? Do you train for it? Do you celebrate good service with as much enthusiasm as you celebrate a new contract? Is service rewarded?
  • Service Express leaders believe their remarkable results come, in part, because of the way they serve each other internally. Does your company encourage team members to “serve” each other? Think of a time a team member has gone out of his or her way to support a colleague: what made this behavior possible? How was it recognized and rewarded?
  • Finally, assess your leadership team’s service orientation. In what ways do your C-suite officers model service – both internally and externally? What are three small but meaningful opportunities for service can your commit to today?

Share your stories: Do you have a story of remarkable service? Share it in the comments box below.

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